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Our webinar series is a chance to highlight the “Collective” in Cancer Coach Collective

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Webinar - Q&A with Sherry Yafai, MD / April 20th, 5pm PST 

Sherry Yafai, MD will answers questions regarding use of medical marijuana during and after cancer treatment such as:
- The difference between CBD and THC
- Exploration of various ways you can take medical marijuana, and pros/cons of each
- What does the research say about cancer and cancer related side effects
- How do you know what dose to take? What strain of weed?
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February 16th, 2022:Exercise and the Importance of a Strong Gut Biome 

Presented by Jenni Rai, PT and Paige Woodward, NP
Did the Gut Biome get a publicist or something? These microorganisms are a hot topic in healthcare these days, but can you trust the hype? Cancer Coach Collective Founders Jenni Rai, PT and Paige Woodward, NP, explain the function of your gut biome, the consequences of imbalance, and the role exercise plays in strengthening it in this sixty minute webinar. 
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