Paige Woodward,


Paige received her BA in Zoology from Connecticut College in New London, CT. Her intent was to pursue veterinary school, but a post-college job in cancer clinical research at Mass General Hospital in Boston changed her career path. 

Paige became passionate about cancer care and found herself enrolled at Yale University School of Nursing in the Oncology Nurse Practitioner track.


She graduated with a Master of Science in nursing in 2006. She began her career at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston and spent the next 15 years in outpatient cancer clinics on both the East and West Coast. 

Frustration with the conventional medical setting and only being given 20 minute blocks of time to address patient’s symptoms and concerns, led Paige to pursue further studies in both nutrition and functional medicine. She has sought out opportunities to combine her expertise in cancer care with her passion for optimal health. 

In February, 2021, she launched Functional Cancer Care, a virtual health consulting practice focused on providing cancer patients with a functional and integrative approach to their care and helping to guide them through the complex journey that is cancer. 

Being a clinician without much business experience made this a difficult transition, but as she started to build a client list, she realized how valuable her skill set is for this vulnerable patient population. She  loves being able to help cancer patients from across the country and celebrating the “wins” with them such as no evidence of disease on a scan, completing a chemotherapy regimen, or helping them thrive again after cancer. 

Paige has been featured on the Deep Dive Podcast, hosted by actress and breast cancer survivor, Jessica St. Clair, The Stage 4 Clingers Podcast, and the LA based radio show, “Call for Justice.”

She resides in Davis, California with her husband James, two bonus sons Bryce and Micah, and two sister cats, Sabi and Stinson. 

Paige is thrilled to join forces with Jenni Nicolla Rai, PT and build the Cancer Coach Collective. They have worked together for years sharing patients and ideas about how to better care for cancer patients. Their dream is finally becoming a reality.