$15.00 USD

Webinar - Rib Recovery Workshop (recorded)


Tired of your ribs feeling weird after mastectomy, radiation, &/or breast reconstruction?  You won't want to miss this unique opportunity!

Jenni Rai, PT, will share with you the same information she brings to her breast cancer patients in the clinic, in the comfort of your own home! You'll Learn:

  • How your ribcage should move, and why it's important to bring back that motion
  • Why treatment for breast cancer can lead to pain and dysfunction in the ribcage
  • Novel stretches to get those hard to reach places in the ribcage 
  • Breathing techniques to improve symmetry of movement
  • Use of props like foam rollers and yoga mats for extra deep stretching

We use props such as foam rollers, yoga mats and beach towels in this class, however you do not need all 3 of them to participate. Use whatever you have at home or are interested in learning more about.


*All participants in Rib Recovery Workshop must have clearance to start an exercise program from their physician. By purchasing, you are certifying you have this permission.*